Consider treating yourself and your guests to the finest of flattery with an aesthetic enhancing caricaturisation 😉 Accentuated favourite features and diminished undesirables, or the inclusion of any imagined prop that tickles your photogenic fancy: moon-sized diamond ring, pumpkin shaped carriage etc. etc. Caricatures, either live or pre-prepared gifts, tend to add great imaginative fun to the festivities and have always been well received by my clients. I hope to see you on your fantastical day 😉


Pre-Prepared Wedding Caricatures

Mairead & JohnMairead & J

My promise follow up caricature of the newly weds pinky promising. Drawn from a photograph as John was too busy on the day to sit down with me. You will have cute babies no doubt 🙂 Pencil & chalk on A4 grey card — with Mairéad Finnegan.


Karen Kearns’ prezzie to hubby Dave for 1st wedding anniversary.

draw   14017963_10153673555111781_67233674_n


Lauren & Gary CaricatureIMG-20140725-WA0007

Lauren Donnelly Couldn’t recommend you enough for weddings all my guests loved you and your work August 14, 2014 

WeddingsdJ WEDDINGFinished

Surprise wedding present for plumber James McDermott & camogie enthusiast Gemma Flynn, commissioned by James’ sister Anita and posse. Had fun drawing live caricatures too at their big event in the The Keadeen Hotel, Newbridge. Cheers again for the invite.


Acrylic paints and colouring pencils

Text fixed

My volleyball friends Leanne & Francesco with Twiggy refereeing dowry exchange

Wedding MotorbikeTracy & Eoin finishedRoz and Tom Web  Warped heads small copy


LIVE Wedding Work

Sineas & Fam2014-07-25 16.25.30whittys 1380799_10152367139131781_6597186860491765150_n150129_10152367135856781_1240041982392353511_n10703665_10152367136101781_5588688444910099320_n2014-07-25 20.04.002014-07-25 16.02.07 DeanBarman2014-07-05 20.29.332014-07-05 22.07.462014-10-11 22.13.27Yvonne2014-07-25 18.04.47

2014-07-25 21.18.362014-07-05 13.46.43 2014-07-05 22.45.162014-07-05 18.07.59 2014-07-05 18.08.12 2014-07-07 11.58.52  2014-06-28 16.27.33 2014-06-28 16.49.46 2014-06-28 17.05.00 2014-06-28 17.21.20 2014-06-28 17.26.23 2014-06-28 17.44.57 2014-06-28 18.25.14 3 weddingAlan IMG_574556713867310368232_10152309141741781_6402688168729710372_n10646991_10152308197701781_8804497456087850246_n





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