Add a lot of fun to your party with vanity cartoons. I can bring out the beauty you never knew you had 😉 My virtual cosmetic make-up and reconstructive surgical skills can transform you entirely! Benefits can include lengthy lashes, gigantic smiles, bug sized eyeballs, rippling muscles and busting bosoms, however a disproportionately large sized head compared to your body is a common adverse side effect (always important to read the small print). Free beers, cocktails or champagne with each drawing and the added benefit of zero calories! Any desired prop can be included for that matter. Want a solid gold car? No problem. A body like Wonder Woman or Superman? SHAZAM!
So sit down and have an 5 – 8 minute conversation with me and your onlooking jeering ‘friends’, whilst I rearrange your face (in an entirely friendly way of course).


2014-10-02 20.13.11 The Dublin Simon Community’s annual Volunteer Recognition Awards @ the Ormond Hotel, Dublin

2014-10-02 22.07.502014-10-02 22.08.082014-10-02 23.04.36

2014-10-02 23.25.222013-10-04 21.21.14Lou Burchall

PUB Work

Bingo Darts ThursdaysBernard VS Eddie 2 copy2014-02-18 19.52.47 copy  lads 1 lads234567


2013-10-28 00.32.501.0

5.1 5.2

IMAG0094 IMAG0100


Matthew Mariuz Petraz11391710_10152865859661781_2170274917382302698_n 11539605_10152865859591781_627292131410987932_n

2014-09-11 10.27.11 copy2014-08-23 10.11.10

Emmett A4 Art 1 Emmett A4 Art

Rachel Robinson Abigail's Hostel 1Soup Chess - Copy

Regalnegg The 2ndDSCF0469

265936_10150227687241781_5549104_o - Copy 270723_10150227674076781_3388610_n 292634_3413042138667_1648444390_2754534_1785214289_n 298293_10150258356896781_1031410_n 318068_10150807360251781_392193576_n 330888_10150911901671781_953373864_o 543583_10150806826526781_1596073930_n Matycja562150_10150806769836781_109545536_n Adrian 2 Andzrej Frach DSC01502 DSC01567 Geroplane IMG_5964

Outdoor Fun – Various

2014-10-04 16.46.18 Portuguese couple2014-10-04 17.20.35 2014-07-12 14.33.18 Laura Arthur


2014-09-30 17.48.022014-09-30 17.48.191901200_10152217370906781_6412939575079213420_n


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