New Species :)

The weirder the better! If you are looking for something a bit different I’d be happy to do some reconstructive cosmetic surgery or ‘re-capitation’ as I like to call it. Many a head has been melded or affixed atop alternate bodies. Join the league of extraordinary gentlemen and ladies by concocting a mad idea to order today!
532_10151114876361781_705397371_n 1891184_10151929248331781_135614960_n396717_10151114900941781_1919497586_nArtwork-Pigeon-Folk 31540_10151112330491781_1220323934_n 298293_10150258356896781_1031410_n1240648_10151588322476781_1948922445_nDonna & PeteFashionistacomparisonFranziska ComparisonGoat comparisonJohn ComparisonRoz and Tom Web  423012_10151114875776781_1114728208_n bird comparison542973_10151114884801781_1257793177_n   1930402_24734301780_2945_nMad Dog264213_10150227668241781_397652_n270723_10150227674076781_3388610_nWoj Ciez2829Mermaid

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