Hi 🙂

I am an Irish, Dublin-based visual artist specialising in caricature work as it is great craic! I’ve been at them for 8 years now and still get a great buzz out of it. No need to worry however, I am kind with my craft – You are all beautiful mutants 😉

My services include:

Live caricature hire for entertainment at weddings and events, and also detailed commissions from photographs as fun presents for family and friends. Live caricatures liven up any party event, and serve as a great memoir for guests.

A gift caricature is very special as it can contain a great deal of character and history. I will happily work closely with clients to capture as much of your mate’s unique quirks as possible. Brainstorming on creative designs is part of the fun (or you can easily leave it all up to my experience) and rest assured that I will put my very best artistic sheen on top.

Let’s get crafty,

Andrew Goti

(a.k.a. The Goat)



2 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hi, I am looking to have a caricature done for a leaving do in work. The leaving do is this Sunday so I am not sure its possible to have it done in a short time. Basically its a Garda colleague who is also a blocklayer. We are looking a have a caricature done of him building a wall in a garda uniform(garda hard hat) with a patrol car and trailor with a cement mixer too. Would you be in a position to quote me for this or is the time too short? Prob a4 size.

    Anthony Moran


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