Liven up any event with some light hearted fun at your guests’ expense 😉 Live caricatures suit any occasion and thrill both adults and kids alike. I can draw in theme, whether that be Halloween, Christmas, sporting event etc. Caricatures can serve as a happy memoir of your party and I can even pre-print the event details or logo on the pages beforehand. Ordering a gift caricature in advance can also be a fun spectacle to honour the host’s quirky personality in a detailed, framed drawing on display.


2013-10-28 00.32.50

Peace keepers @ Dakota Bar

Event Dakota

Dakota Bar staff

16 comparison

Zombie Run


Present for Barman



Leaving present for Barrista / Scientist

Finished no border

Leaving present for ladies’ Vball Coach

finished ref

Anniversary for couple who met at Halloween

Data Gold Miner Reference

New LinkedIn profile pic 😉

21 copy

Commissioned company invite name card for woman into ‘science’



Very fancy dress themed birthday invite

Events birthday


Event 18th

Atheena’s 18th birthday gift caricature. She plays as number 7 for Garda volleyball club and loves her guitar

Al birthday

Uh oh – 3rd century looms


All inclusive pastimes of birthday girl


Poem & Pic

Mother’s 30th b-day prezzie


A3 Print

50th wedding anniversary for golf enthusiasts and their trusty caddy


Name Day

Raymond’s Name Day present in his favourite Scania truck.


Stefano before and After

Leaving work gift for party boy


Reference Included

Parting gift for Paddy’s holiday to Thailand. Football enthusiast trying his hand at foot volley against the locals

Design ref

Angry Ola’s leaving gift




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